Mini Motorplex


NoW Open!

Welcome to the Mini Motorplex, our new R/C Rental Track!

Mini Motorplex features our Rental R/C Fleet of Traxxas Slashs’ on a replica of the Trackhouse Motorplex kart track. This track features tabletops, high speed straights, banked corners and much more. Mini Motorplex is guaranteed to bring out the fun for all ages!


How to Get Started?

Our R/C trucks are available for rent in time slots. Information on pricing and renting trucks will be available in the lobby. Once a token is purchased at the lobby, that token can be taken to the track where an attendant will hand out a controller and R/C truck! The hours of operation at the Mini Motorplex will vary to begin and will be normalized at a later date. Stay tuned to our social media outlets for updates on the availability!


Where is the Mini Motorplex located?

The Mini Motorplex is located just outside of Turn 1 from the kart track. You can see all the action of both the kart track and R/C track all from Turn 1!