Trackhouse motorplex

Opened on October 8, 2012 and located in Mooresville, NC, Trackhouse Motorplex is an outdoor, 0.7-mile, 11-turn karting facility open to the public seven days a week, year-round. Trackhouse Motorplex’s fleet of Rental Karts (Ages 16+) reach speeds up to 55 mph, delivering an advanced, exciting and high-adrenaline racing experience for a day of fun with friends, family or coworkers. With a trackside, 2,400 sq. ft. indoor meeting space, Trackhouse Motorplex can also accommodate group and corporate team building outings. Additionally, the facility hosts some of the largest professional touring karting series races in the country, making Trackhouse Motorplex the premier source for all things karting at every level of the sport. 

ABOUT: The Trackhouse motorplex story

Modeled after a famous and historic kart track in Parma, Italy, Trackhouse Motorplex gives a nod to racing history while writing its own. Hear from the influential people who helped develop and create the vision for what the Motorplex has grown into today.

THE owner

Trackhouse Motorplex Owner, Justin Marks, first sketched the initial plans for a karting facility on a napkin at Bob Evans with friend and partner Michael McDowell in 2009. Ironically enough, although Marks has raced professionally in many levels of motorsports, he did not get his start racing karts. Marks began racing cars at the age of 17 and began karting with his racing friends as a hobby at the age of 19. Marks’ racing accomplishments most recently include his NASCAR XFinity Series win at Mid-Ohio in 2016.

“I’ve always loved karting. To me, it’s like high school football. It’s the purest expression of the sport. Everybody, no matter how far they have made it up the ladder in racing, still always gets excited about racing karts. Whether you have won the Daytona 500 or just race rental karts as a hobby, everyone has the same reaction; they love karting. It’s a fantastic sport.” - Justin Marks, Trackhouse Motorplex Owner

jmarks.jpg(PHOTO: Trackhouse Motorplex Owner, Justin Marks, hugs his first-ever NASCAR Xfinity Series trophy after a meaningful win at Mid-Ohio in 2016)


Did you know? Trackhouse Motorplex's sprint karting track is based on the famous and historic Kartdromo Parma circuit in Italy. The European circuit was first built in 1961 and over the decades grew to host five World Championships and four European Championships.

Kartdromo Parma was considered one of the finest, but most challenging karting circuits in the world and gave birth to the racing careers of drivers such as Patrese, Senna, Zanardi, Alonso, Hamilton and Raikkonen. Today, the legend lives on at Trackhouse Motorplex as the original Parma circuit has been painstakingly recreated, but updated to the highest standards of modern world championship karting specifications.

This includes a proprietary motorsports-specific asphalt design, CIK curbing and runoff zones, and a wide, accommodating paddock and pit area capable of holding the largest karting events in North America. There is also a state-of-the-art sports lighting system engineered and built by MUSCO Lighting, the industry leader in venue lighting applications.

parmaabout.jpg(PHOTO: Trackhouse Motorplex is a near replica of the historic Kartdromo Parma track pictured above in Italy opened in 1961 and demolished in 2009.)


The historic Kartdromo Parma track in Italy was destroyed and leveled in 2009 and a shopping center now exists in its place. However, the original cement curbing from Parma was saved just in time, shipped over from Italy and now lives on in Trackhouse Motorplex's Victory Lane. Be sure to check out these pieces of history at your next visit!

parmacurbs.jpg(PHOTO: Original curbing from the historic Italian Kartdromo Parma track has been incorporated into Trackhouse Motorplex's Victory Lane podium.)